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Rogue rat window cleaning at NGV waterwall.


Zan Griffith is a Melbourne/Naarm based artist who lives and works on Wurundjeri and Boon wurrung country. She has a special interest in the public space of the city. She makes masks, puppets and costumes and devises fictional characters that respond to the spatial politics of the city, often inserting them into the public realm as guerrilla theatre style surprise performances.  


She has a Master of Arts (Art in Public Space) from RMIT and has a background in education, community work and the visual arts. She does sessional lecturing at RMIT in public art and is a casual on the ACCA education team as well as a VX guide for both ACCA and ACMI.

Her interest in puppetry has led her to puppetry intensives with both Spare Parts in Perth and Humber Puppetry in Toronto Canada. She has also been lucky to participate in the amazing Giovanni Fusetti's Bouffon intensive in Melbourne.

Zan Griffith has exhibited in group shows with local Melbourne galleries like The Wandering Room, Blindside, George Paton and Off the Kerb and participated in the Melbourne Fringe and Melbourne Puppetry Festival. However, her primary focus is on the investigation of public city space whether this be through walking tours and/or guerrilla theatre style performances in public space.




  • Jane Jacob's Walk around 'our backyard' of Parliament House as part of the Melbourne Jane's Walk collective.

  • Part of the 'The Rest Is Up To You 1982-2062 Celebrating Fringe' show at the State Library. Melbourne Fringe.

  • Open House Melbourne Built/Unbuilt. Walks around our 'backyard' of Parliament House.



  • Teddy Bear Hunt. Supported by the City of Melbourne Covid 19 Arts Grants

  • 48 hour Bristol Puppet Challenge Festival

  • UNIMA Silver linings online puppet festival.

  • Teddy Bears Picnic. Supported by the City of Melbourne Covid 19 Arts Grants.

  • Volunteered with Free the Vaccine- a global initiative to make the COVID 19 vaccine accessible worldwide-partnered with Centre for Artistic Activism and Universites Allied for Essential Medicines.


  • The Wandering Room (Brunswick) Funny Art. The Anthropocene Snow Queen performance and installation.

  • SkypeLab: 1000 Pixel at the State Representation of Baden-Wurttemberg in Berlin curated by Henning Eichinger, Maggie McCormick, Javiera Advis and Annie Kurz. Cyberstatic-  art movie in collaboration with Fiona Hillary and Susan Marco Forrester. 



  • RMIT Art Master’s Graduate Show (Installation)

  • Hillscene Live Art Festival (Masters work presented through puppetry)

  • Salamanca Arts Centre (ProjectSkypescape, Hobart - contributed and participated in the exhibition by Adjunct Professor Maggie McCormick and Henning Eichingers)



  • Protest Pigeon- guerilla performances throughout Melbourne City

  • The Blue Flaneuse- Melbourne Fringe Festival at the Abbotsford Convent

  • Protest Pigeon- RMIT New Academic Street opening

  • Flaneuse Fox - guerilla performances throughout Melbourne city

  • Flaneuse Fox performing at The Melbourne Puppetry Festival at La Mama

  • Chrysalis (recent graduates from VCA, Monash, RMIT and LCAD) at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery



  • Judith Shakespeare guerrilla theatre in front of NGV and Melbourne City

  • The Judith Shakespeare Theatre Company Fringe Festival performances at the Abbotsford Convent

  • The Judith Shakespeare Theatre Company at Union Lane, Melbourne CBD for ‘on the verge’ festival at Blindside Gallery

  • Rogue rat and the red carpet at Blindside Gallery’s ‘on the verge’ festival

  • Rogue Rat performance piece. Outside Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. (This piece is not endorsed by the gallery but done Guerrilla style)



  • Rogue Rat performance piece, Outside National Gallery of Australia (this piece is not endorsed by the NGV but done guerilla style.)



  • ‘Artist’s Books’ (reprised) George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne (three of my artist’s books included in this group show)

  • Rogue Rat performance piece. Melbourne Art Fair (This piece was not endorsed by the Melbourne art fair but done guerrilla style)

  • Three performance pieces. Cats Charity Show, Off the Kerb Gallery, Collingwood

  • Welcome. Group show at Bendigo Dudley House, Bendigo

  • Text. La Trobe College Gallery, Melbourne

  • Rat and the red carpet. George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne

  • Juxtaposition. La Trobe College Gallery, Melbourne

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