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The Anthropocene Snow Queen

How does a Snow Queen fare in the contemporary with increasing global warming?


This work is both an adapted fairy tale morphed with my own personal story. 

Just over 30 years ago I played the Snow Queen at Harrods in London in the toy department. When the line for Santa was too long the children would come and sit on my sleigh and tell me what they wanted for Christmas and have their photo taken with me.


The Anthropocene Snow queen narrative becomes part autobiographical and part distorted environmental sci-fi fairytale. With the Snow Queen's costume made from recycled materials she dances through the city in the lead up to Christmas spreading festive joy. She morphs into a Polar bear, the microscoptic invertebrate, the Waterbear,  and herself in the festive dance of symbiosis hinting at a speculative future.

Polar bear as part of the Anthropocene S
Snow Queen.jpeg
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