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Fairytale Flaneuse

​Fairytale flaneuse was a response to the new bollards and chicanes that were errected on Princess Bridge around the end of 2017 after the London bridge terrorist attack of June the 3rd in 2017. The goat character’s costume echoes the colours of the chicanes and attempts to  creates a counter narrative to the fear based one that these new ways of protecting the city evoke. This globalised culture of fear plays into the neoliberal ideology. 


Here, I am making a performative claim to the space of the Prince's Bridge with the intention to resist and protest a neoliberal representation of the space and hopefully shift the public imaginary around this space...if only for a moment. 

The Fairytale Flaneuse was said to have stepped from the very walls of the 'Fairytales Transformed' exhibition at the Potter Museum of Art. She is a character that plays with the traditional Norwegian fairytale, 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'. I liked the notion of the Fairytale Flaneuse "trap, trap, trapping" across the bridge and catching the troll that lived under there. . 

Fairytale Flaneuse 2018.jpeg
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