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Flaneuse Fox and the turtle, Croissant

I introduced the Flaneuse Fox to Melbourne city, playing on Francis Alys’s artwork, The Nightwatch. In this work Francis Alys lets loose a fox in the London Portrait Gallery at night and uses the gallery's surveillance cameras to record the fox's movements. In my work the agency has shifted from a fox under surveillance to one doing the watching.

The flaneuse fox … part fox /part human, time travelling, keen observer and detective… is investigating the kinds of spaces women had access to and those from which they were barred and exploring what it might mean today to be a female flaneuse in contemporary Melbourne.

In this series of incursions I am making a retrospective claim to public space on behalf of the women who were excluded from this space at the time of modernity.  

The art work is made up of incursions where the flaneuse fox and her turtle are out walking in public space, a mini video documentary on the flaneuse fox and what she has been investigating hosted by the Melbourne city tourist guide, and a zine that she handed out as part of the Melbourne Puppetry Festival at La Mama theatre in 2017. 

Flaneuse fox.JPG
Flaneuse Fox and Turtle 2017.jpeg
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