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Fountaine was a fun summer iteration that I created to playfully push the boundaries of public space. The incursions occurred at the Hochgurtel Fountain by Josef Hochgurtel, 1880 and the William Stanford Bluestone Fountain, 1870. These fountains built in colonial times, were built to evoke a sense of grandeur. 

I wanted to put the female form into these spaces  and I liked the idea of questioning the function of these fountains. Why  is the fountain a space for just looking not actually touching when we endure 40 degree days of heat? Are sites of play in the city only for the young and in designated playgrounds? Where are sites of play in the city for adults? Sometimes children transgress the boundaries of the fountain but rarely adults. Why is this? What other boundaries of the city do we unconsciously adhere to? By using the fountains for play I am producing spaces of representation that oppose the official representations of space and thereby making a performative claim to the space.

Flaneuse de la Fontaine 2018.jpeg
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