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Teddy Bear Hunt and the Teddy Bears Picnic.

The local neighbourhood teddy bear hunt that appeared globally over lockdown, celebrates the enduring strength of community kindness. 


The teddy bear hunt was on in Melbourne when we headed back into our hibernation for the second lockdown..  

This work was supported by the City of Melbourne covid 19 arts grants.

This work was made 8/7/20

Picnic time!

At the end of the second lockdown we went officially from the teddy bear hunt to the teddy bear’s picnic.

We did it Melbourne! It was tough but we made it. 

This work has been supported by City of Melbourne

COVID-19 Arts Grants.

Music by the Edison Symphony Orchestra 1908 from the public domain.

This work was made on 9/11/20

28 days of consecutive doughnuts (zero covid cases) in Melbourne celebration! 27/11/20


Mini stop motion animation made with the teddy bears for World Mental Health day. 

This work was made on 10/10/20

Iso dreaming.

A bit of hopefulness with a dash of silliness for these difficult times. Having fun with the teddy bears and stop motion in iso!

Wishing for a vaccine to be found and available to all globally. ‘Free the vaccine’ is a global movement to ensure that the vaccine, if and when found, will be available to all.


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